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Listed below are the most common transactions that we handle.

Residential & Resale

A Residential escrow generally refers to Homes. It encompasses Single Family Residences, Condominiums, and Apartment Complexes up to 4 units.

Commercial &

A Commercial/Industrial escrow refers to all non-residential properties, primarily Commercial and Industrial Buildings. Raw Land, Retail Shopping Centers and Apartments Complexes over 4 units are also in this classification.

Short Sale

A short sale is a resale transaction when the seller owes more against the property than what he or she is able to sell the property for. Prior to closing a negotiated payoff with the lenders is needed to close the transaction.

A Refinance occurs when the Owner of real estate property wants to improve the existing loan, or place a new loan if the property is free and clear. In a Refinance escrow the existing owner of the property is referred to as the Borrower.


A Relocation transaction occurs when a Corporate Employee is either buying or selling a home. The Corporation or Relocation Company controls all aspects of the sale or purchase. They are generally paid to act on behalf of the Buyer or Seller.



REO is an abbreviation for Real Estate Owned. It is sometimes called Foreclosure, Bankruptcy, or Corporate Owned. When a Bank, Savings & Loan, or other Financial Institution takes a property back from a borrower by the act of Foreclosure via the conveyance of a Trustees Deed, this is considered an REO. The Financial Institution lists the property with an Agent, and then sells it to a new Buyer.

Tracts &

This refers to the sale of New Homes. The Escrow Company is chosen once the White Report is filed with the Department of Real Estate. The DRE approves the Escrow Company and the Escrow Instructions that will be given to the Buyer.

Exchanges &
1031 Tax Deferred

This refers to Investment Properties only. This has to do with IRS tax ruling 1031. When the owner of an Investment Property holds the property over one year and then wants to sell it, he or she becomes eligible to re-invest the property using the method of a 1031 tax-deferred exchange

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